• Scott McClure

Why Aftercare is Critical to Long Term Sobriety

If you’re thinking about aftercare, it means you’ve already got yourself help and are well into the recovery process. After successfully undergoing a rehab program, you’ll feel a transformation in your life. You will experience changes to your body, mind, and soul.

But addiction is destructive and with the high relapse rate, it may not be long before it comes back knocking on your door.

Aftercare programs provide you with the essential coping techniques and skills that are necessary for after your main treatment has been completed. They can help you rebuild your life in a healthier and fulfilling manner.

When is the Right Time for Aftercare?

Aftercare doesn’t have to be an afterthought in your recovery program. In fact, it is an important step of your rehab process. Technically, you can receive aftercare once you’ve completed your rehab program and are ready to be reintroduced to the community. But the process of aftercare can start as early as when you go through detox.

Aftercare can help you work towards building a healthier, more meaningful life for yourself. Programs like sober living, halfway houses, recovery centers, 12-step meetings, and self-help groups support sobriety.  Aftercare programs have people who are in the same boat as you, who share similar goals and values, and people who can inspire and motivate you to remain sober.

What Does Aftercare Achieve?

Aftercare doesn’t just help you avoid drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse. The ultimate goal of aftercare is to help you through your recovery process so that you can successfully transition from rehab to real life. It can support your recovery by:

· Helping you to make healthier life choices and building strong relationships.

· Providing you with the necessary skills and techniques in order to cope with stress and your emotions.

· Identifying any triggers that can cause a relapse and helping you steer clear of them.

· Helping you bounce back from a relapse and start your recovery again.

· Connecting you with a support group that can help you through your recovery process.

The Different Aftercare Services

Aftercare services can help you with a lot of things; from educating you on addiction to helping you connect with helpful resources, offering emotion support, and helping you rebuild your life. You can avail the following services in an aftercare program:

· Counseling and therapy by a team of professionals.

· Family counseling and education programs.

· Case management that can help you re-enter the outside world with the right resources.

· Relapse prevention therapy.

· Outpatient recovery services.

· Sober living homes.

Help is Available

Here at Life Launch, we offer aftercare treatment in the form of sober living homes and halfway houses in Houston, Texas. Our rehab center can help recovering clients battle relapse and lead healthier, happier lives.

Call us now on 713.266.1507 for more details.




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