• Scott McClure

Top 3 Ways to Identify A Friend’s Alcoholism

While many people who are struggling with alcohol abuse can be spotted easily, there are some individuals whose warning signs aren’t obvious. They do not receive the proper treatment, because they are unable to identify a drinking problem in the first place. Some of them may even realize the seriousness of their alcoholism, but are often too scared and guilty to accept it and seek help. They can be so good at concealing their drinking problem that even the ones living with them may overlook it.

If you feel like you’re losing a loved one or a friend to alcohol abuse, watch out for these three signs to get them help without delay.

Isolation or Being Absent from Work

As alcohol gradually begins to haunt an individual’s life, it becomes hard for them to keep things in order. They start missing important meetings and appointments because they’re too hungover. Their productivity, attentiveness and performance at work decreases. Because they don’t want people to see them in a drunken state, they also isolate themselves from social gatherings.

Frequent Mood Swings

Dealing with alcoholism is a constant battle for those struggling from it. They are surrounded by negative emotions of guilt and embarrassment. As a result, they consume more alcohol to combat those thoughts. If you observe frequent emotional ups and downs, as well as sudden shifts of mood from being happy to anxious, depressed or stress, it could be a sign that your friend may have a drinking problem.

High Alcohol Tolerance

If your loved one is suddenly showing high tolerance for alcohol, it can be a warning sign of alcohol addiction or abuse. They may not just consume more alcohol, but also stay intoxicated for a longer period than their drinking companions. This high-tolerance shows that their body is used to consuming large quantities of alcohol on a regular basis and they may have a drinking problem.

If a friend of yours or a loved one is struggling through alcoholism, help them out! Look out for the signs and help them revert to a healthier and sober lifestyle. Life Launch is a sober living community in Houston, Texas, that offers a loving and home-like atmosphere for your loved ones. At our beautiful recovery house in Houston, they can work on their journey toward a better life. For further information about the amenities provided at our facility, contact us at 713.266.1507.




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