• Scott McClure

Loving Someone in the Grip of Addiction

Being in love with someone struggling through addiction can be a difficult and a bumpy road. Watching your partner destroying their health, social life, personal life and work life can be a devastating experience. You may give them money when you’re broke yourself, you may agree to things you don’t want, you may lie to protect them, and you may continue to live with them despite the torture—well, because you love them. There might come a point when your heart’s shattered, and you are so exhausted to see any light at the end of a tunnel. It may seem like a self-destructive journey that is bound to continue.

You might begin to dislike them, but you never stop loving them. As you keep submitting to their toxic needs, you keep fueling their addiction. If you want your addicted loved one to stop the manipulation, the guilt feelings, and the lies, it can’t happen unless you’re able to convince yourself that this painful journey is worth the sacrifices.

And once you are convinced, you’ll see a spark of hope in the dark, no matter the severity of your loved one’s addiction. If you want to help your partner get out of the grip of addiction, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

Don’t Give Them Money

When addiction overpowers your partner, they become someone else—at least until they are free of addiction’s grip. Your loved one is still inside somewhere, but right now you’re dealing with a different version of them. They can manipulate you, lie and betray you to get their hands on drugs or alcohol—and they can do it again and again. To support the lost person you loved, you need to say “no” to the addict in front of you. The earlier you can stop yourself from falling for their excuses and threats, the sooner you will be able to meet the person you loved. Stand strong and don’t feel guilty—you’re doing it for them and they’ll be grateful when they are healthy again.

Make Their Life Uncomfortable

Anyone who hasn’t really been in a similar situation will bash you and make you feel guilty for doing this, but you need to make their life uncomfortable. This might be tough on you as well, but you don’t want to encourage their addiction. Families that allow their addicted loved ones to live in comfort are in reality motivating them to continue their toxic lifestyle. When addicts are sent to recovery homes or addiction treatment centers, they don’t have their home anymore. They are bound to live with the restrictions, and they may recover more quickly than they would in their homes. Things may begin to get even worse when you bring them to discomfort; they may begin to show symptoms of withdrawal, aggressiveness and rage, and they even get hurt or sick. But once they realize the guilt-tripping isn’t working anymore, they will know they have no other choice than trying to recover.

Get Them Enrolled in a Recovery Center

To part ways with your loved one who’s struggling through addiction may be a difficult decision, but it’s the best for them. Remember that addiction is a disease, and just like any other medical illness, it requires professional care too. They may try to make you feel guilty for this decision, and may do everything to stay at home, but it’s you who’s in the right mental state. You need to make this decision of you want a better life for them. Thousands of questions will bombard your mind while sending them to a far off place; make sure you do proper research of the programs, therapies and techniques used at the recovery center you’ve chosen. You love them and you’ll pick the best place for them—we leave it to you!

If you’re looking for recovery sober living home in Houston for your loved one, get in touch with us. At Life Launch PDR, we’ll take care of your partner just like you would and we will walk them though their recovery journey for a better life. Contact us at 713.266.1507 for more information, we’d be more than happy to help!




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