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Life Launch Offers Effective Care for Clients Seeking a Safe, Supportive Community. Life Launch is a

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

The Texas sober living community focuses on positivity and structure to help recovering addicts

October 18, 2019: A leading sober living community in Houston, Life Launch “Purpose Driven Recovery” strives to make the recovery journey less stressful and more supportive as possible for its clients. Offering the support of professional staff as well as a supportive community, Life Launch “Purpose Driven Recovery” takes the stigma away from addiction, letting clients know that they are not bad people trying to become good but sick people working to get well. They stress to the clients that at any age or stage in your life, they can find a new purpose for their life and it’s possible to change their lives for the better.

Offering a range of amenities such as high speed wireless internet, video surveillance, flat-screen TVs, sober coaching, transitional therapy, a personal trainer, nutritionists for personal workout plans and transportation services, a gym membership, an in-house infrared sauna, and a private parking lot behind the house with assigned spots, Life Launch emphasizes to their Clients the importance of brotherhood and family. And that Life Launch should not be looked at as a facility but as their home surrounded by guys that support and love them.

By ensuring that Clients of the community have access to comfortable, luxurious and supportive environment, limiting most distractions giving their clients the ability to focus on recovering.

“For us, it’s our purpose to support and share our experiences, with our clients as they begin their journey into long term recovery” Scott McClure, CEO and Program Director of Life Launch stated. “These men have taken a courageous major step in their life. And each client will need support, depending on where they are at in their Recovery. For example, an individual who comes to us straight from detox after a slip but had 3 years of sobriety at the time, knows the program, has a sponsor and sponsees. His recovery plan and level of support will look a lot different than a client coming straight from his fist residential treatment center. Therefore, after the intake and admissions process, we spend as much time as needed with them as “we” together come up with the first draft of his “Recipe for Recovery”. We will make the necessary tweaks as they implement their plan outside the bubble of a residential treatment center. We find that the more input they have on their recovery, the more ownership they begin to own I more and have more success”.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 19.7 million people were reported to be battling a substance abuse disorder in 2017. 1 in 8 were struggling with substance abuse disorder at the same time. 8.5 million were struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder. With a community as massive as this suffering from addiction and mental health issues, it’s vital that the stigma surrounding this disease be torn down so that these individuals can be seen as just that; an individual who is sick and needs help. Substance abuse disorder doesn’t discriminate; it takes individuals from park avenue to park bench, doesn’t care about race or how pretty someone tries to make the outside of their life look perfect. This opioid crisis killed around 70,000 Moms, Dads, Sons, Daughters, Friends and Loved ones alone in 2017. The medical and mental health professionals are doing all we can but it’s going to take everyone’s helping to begin to make a dent in this horrific epidemic. If every American would just carry a dose of Narcan with them in their car or purse, there is no telling how many lives and families we could save.

Catering to all in Houston who may need physical and mental guidance on their recovery journey, Life Launch does just that. By giving individuals a chance to turn their lives around and allowing their true authentic selves to step out from the darkness, giving them a better chance at living a content and serene life in long term recovery, becoming an example of how recovery can change your life by their actions, becoming a productive member of society and helping those that come after him on their journey to Long Term Recovery. Life Launch is located between The Woodlands and Kingwood, in a secure community in Texas.

About the Company

Live Launch is a sober living community in Houston, TX that provides the best care to those who are recovering from addiction.

Website: www.lifelaunchpdr.com

Postal Address: 1225 N. Loop West, Suite 1050, Houston, TX 77008

Phone: 713-266-1507

Email: scott@lifelaunchpdr.com




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