• Scott McClure

Half Way Healing: Why Time Away From Home Immediately after Discharge from Rehab is Beneficial

Substance addiction is something that many struggle with and a few are lucky enough to overcome. If you’re one of the fortunate ones who have despite the damages, managed to beat your addiction and get through a rehabilitation program, you might be thinking of jumping back into daily living.

Though this is completely understandable, you might want to ask yourself; is it really the best idea?

Enjoying your Sobriety

Sobriety does not mean that you stop living. Quite the opposite actually!

As one article posted by Psychology Today suggests, it is something that can be enjoyed and is more gain than loss. This is absolutely true and in many cases, maybe you’re ready to jump back on that horse. On the other hand, if you feel you need to slow it down and take your time getting back home and to your day to day life, that is quite understandable as well.

Slow and Steady

When you’re committed to an in-house rehabilitation program, there’s a certain meticulous structure that you’re required to follow. Where this structure might seem uncomfortable and unfamiliar, it’s designed to get you through those initial weeks of withdrawal and the plethora of emotions that come with it.

Even in the long run, the structure and vigilance is important, however, unlike during in-house treatment, the same can’t be enforced. It will have to be a personal choice. One you make. You will be responsible for staying on track.

As human beings all of us are cut differently. Where we all have many things in common as a species, what we each specifically need to thrive and succeed may not be consistent from one person to the next. Where some of us do well when we’re thrown off the deep end, others benefit more from a gradual returning to an environment where old triggers may still be present.

As opposed to immediately jumping back in to life and the daily stresses you need to contend with, you might want to take some time in a sober living facility. This could help you steady yourself emotionally and habitually before you return home and re-enter everyday life.

The Benefit of Transitional Living

A sober living facility will offer you much of the freedom you would receive while living at home without the stresses that may be a part of your everyday life. The absence of an implemented regiment will help you get into the habit of self-regulating.

Certain sober living facilities such as ours offer you the chance to contribute to personally tailored recovery programs. These are the kind that you can continue to adhere to loosely even after you return home. You also have access to professionals such as fitness trainers and nutritionists so that the physical aspects of your health and well-being are also catered to.

Finally, sober living facilities offer you a calm and stress free environment where you can really get your bearings and ready yourself do address your life again. After spending some time transitioning, you can tackle life head on with renewed energy and a different point of view!

In Conclusion

Taking some time out in a healing environment with the right kind of facilities to ease back into your day to day living post in-house rehabilitation can be quite beneficial. It helps steady your recovery and helps you put in place the habits and structures you may need to continue living a healthy and happy life when you return home.

If you’re located in Houston, TX and are looking for a sober living facility in your vicinity, feel free to connect with us now for more information.




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