• Scott McClure

Choosing Recovery: Don’t Let “That Person” Stop You

Now that you have decided to lead a clean and sober life, you must also understand that addiction recovery is not just a phase. It’s a process that continues for a lifetime and keeps pushing you toward a better lifestyle.

While many people support you throughout your recovery journey, some of them try to pull you back into the dark pit of addiction. In most cases, they are not strangers, but you “so-called” friends whose words and actions may have a deep impact on your recovery.

You may have expected them to be there during your addiction recovery and that’s why it hurts more. However, to be successful in your battle against substance abuse, it’s better to let go of them and not allow their negative words to stop you.

According to research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, positive thinking helps in the recovery of several health conditions, as well as emotional health. The power of positive thinking is real, which is why we’ve rounded up a few tips that will help you stay positive and resilient throughout your addiction recovery process.


Mindful meditation is a popularly known practice that helps you heal from within. It enables you to have the “me-time” that you require to explore yourself and your future. It involves focusing on your breathing, relaxing your mind and directing your energies toward positive things in life. Meditating daily can help you let go of your dark past and put your mind toward creating a brighter future.

Take Care of Nutrition Intake and Sleep

For successful recovery, it’s significant for you to take care of your health requirements. Intake of proper nutrition, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly will all play a major role in improving your outlook and your mindset. These activities will enhance your mood and feelings of self-worth. Substance abuse can harm your body from within and indulging in healthy activities will help you combat the damage.

Help Others and Give Back to the Society

Studies have proven that helping others is one of the most effective ways to be happier and healthier. Volunteer work boosts positivity in your life by helping you socialize more and connecting you with other people. It makes you feel happy and proud of what you do to improve others’ lives, boosting your morale and self-confidence.

Let us help you stay positive throughout your recovery from addiction and substance abuse.  Life Launch is a sober living community in Houston, Texas, that offers you an atmosphere like home. There you can work on your journey without worrying about any additional factors. To let us know about your case, contact us at 713.266.1507.




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