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All You Need To Know about Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes are designed to help individuals recovering from substance abuse and addiction to have a safe place to live while they are building the necessary foundation in early recovery needed for a lifetime of long-term recovery outside the walls of a sober living. How they achieve this, however, is slightly different to how other rehabilitation centers generally work.

In a sober living home, individuals aren’t confined to one place all day long with staff watching every move they make. In a sober living, however, they have the freedom to move about, and experience what the world has in store for them;  granted they follow the house rules and are continuing to work their program of recovery by living by the spiritual principals that are at the core of all recovery programs.  A sober living, if done correctly, are more of a transitional living, where they may choose to live in the drug and alcohol-free environment for some time, before returning to their own homes.

Much like any other shared household, inhabitants of sober living homes too have roommates.  The place provides facilities that make it a safe space for recovering individuals, and through peer interaction and professional guidance, sober living homes provide a safe, compassionate and deep empathy for each other as they are fighting the same disease in order to pave a way for long-term recovery.

How It Works

All of the residents living in an SLH have a set of responsibilities. They are required to pay rent and for utilities, meet the attendance policy, and help out with daily chores. Following the house rules is an important criterion for living in an SLH, and failing to do so can result in them losing their place in the house.

Sober living homes follow a strict drug and alcohol free policy. To ensure this, residents are required to undergo drug testing a few times each week to make sure they are on the right path toward reaching their sobriety goals. Doing so also helps in keeping their loved ones informed about their progress and their commitment toward sobriety.

It’s not just rules and regulations, though. Sober living homes encourage peer interaction and stress heavily on support group meetings of the residents.  Their health and comfort is a top priority, and various amenities are provided by the facility to maintain this. These may include gym membership, group outings, and personalized dietary assistance for preparing fresh and healthy meals daily.  It is vital for each resident in recovery to understand that life and fun no longer exist just because they are living a sober life in recovery.  So, outings to concerts, sporting events, the beach and getting involved in recovery-based activities such as sober softball and sober flag football play an important role for the residence to experience these things sober and realize that they usually have a better time than they use to when they were loaded.  They also can remember it and feel a hell of a lot better in the morning.   

How Do Sober Living Homes Help?

Studies have shown individuals who live in a sober living home fare better in their journey toward recovery, and have less chances of relapsing than those who go back to toxic and dysfunctional home environments. Sober homes help individuals start to learn how to cope with life sober and they begin to regain control of their lives through structure, peer support, and accountability.

The stable, safe, and “cleansed” living environment allows recovering individuals to resist temptation and steer clear from substance use. Moreover, communal living also helps the process considerably and has a good effect on the residents’ well-being.

Life Launch is a sober living facility for men in Houston, aimed at helping individuals battling substance abuse and addiction. The luxurious amenities offered by the facility and the 24-hour management helps them gain full recovery. Get in touch with our team now to learn more about our program!




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