• Scott McClure

4 Things That Really Help Ground Us Post Rehabilitation for Substance Abuse

Addiction and substance abuse problems are not something native to America. The same exists across the globe, affecting over 164 million individuals according to statistics. At the same time, there is a lot by way of care offered to those struggling with addiction and trying to live sober consistently.

An Ongoing Affair

Though coming to a place of sobriety and living clean is not difficult, being able to truly say that you’ve beaten your addiction takes a little time. Many feel the process of cleaning up is what happens in an in-house rehabilitation facility.

That’s just the start of it.

Once discharged, those healing need to take stock of their process and do what they can using the resources around them to facilitate the same. If you’re someone who has recently been discharged from a rehabilitation or detoxification center, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your stay sober and grounded.

Don’t Glorify the Old Days

One of the worst things many people do after cleaning up is to fondly reminisce about the times that they were out, about and possibly addicted to something. This one’s really subtle and is often caused by triggers and an inability to navigate them.

The problem is that over glorification can turn to cravings. Do yourself a favor and call a spade a spade. If you’re going to get nostalgic, remind yourself why you quit. The less you glorify the old days and move forward, the more grounded you will feel.      

Get Some Exercise

This might sound basic but exercise does wonders. We’re not saying become a diehard gym buff. We’re just saying it helps to get those endorphins going.

Take up a yoga class, go for a run in the mornings or visit the gym and see if you like weight training. Alternatively, you could swim, hike, surf or even ride a bike. Exercise is something that helps keep us emotionally and physically fit. It also helps raise self esteem because it makes you look good!

On the days where you’re really having trouble navigating things, go break a sweat. You will feel better when you’re done!

Try to Reconnect with Yourself

A substance habit can be quite demanding. Forget friends and family, when addicted, we even neglect ourselves. We might miss out on activities we may enjoy, things we could have potentially been good at and people who may have added more value to our lives.

Anyone who has overcome substance addiction probably remembers countless occasions where their drug or drink of choice took precedent over all other activities. When you’ve cleaned up, it helps to spend time reconnecting with yourself.

See a therapist, take up that acting class you kept getting late for, maybe spend some time out in nature. Nurture yourself; reconnect with who you are and with the special abilities you possess. This will help you feel more grounded in your identity and will also help you identify less with the substance you have given up.    

Spend Time at a Sober Living Home

Spending a month or two at a sober living home can really help set your sobriety in stone. Spaces such as our sober living facility offer resources to help clients with emotional, psychological and physical healing.

They also offer the kind of structure and space that might be lacking within the home. It helps to really become comfortable with sobriety in such a safe space before braving the world as it stands!

In Conclusion

The process of recovering from addiction is sometimes a long one yet when you’re out the other end, it’s always well worth it. The pointers above should help you ensure that you don’t fall of the wagon and that your recovery continues as it should.

If you’re located in Houston, TX and are looking for a sober living facility, our sober living home offers halfway facilities and other resources to facilitate healing. Feel free to connect with us if you have any questions. Till then, stay strong because you’ve practically got this beat already!




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